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JOB SUMMARY: Perform duties consistent with the daily operation of patient care for Pharmaceutical Services in all areas of drug involvement within the hospital and assists in the development and administration of new programs and procedures. Maintain quality patient care throughout the department based on established departmental policies and Regulatory Agencies Standards. ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS: 1. Review and interpret medication and pharmaceutical orders for in-patients/out-patients. 2. Enter essential information pertaining to medication or pharmaceutical order into Pharmacy computer system. 3. Review medication or pharmaceutical entry for accuracy. 4. Review medication orders for allergies, drug interactions, overdosage, duplication and therapeutic parameters using professional knowledge and expertise to facilitate decisions. 5. Prepare and dispense prescriptions to discharged in-patients, E.R. patients, employees and their dependents and other persons under emergency situations following all applicable state and federal regulations. 6. Prepares medications and pharmaceuticals for distribution to in-patients. Compounds products not commercially available when necessary. Checks each patient tray, filled by technicians, for accuracy prior to delivery to nursing units. 7. Accurately records orders for, and prepares sterile products according to established procedures using proper sterile technique in the laminar flow hood. Applies a broad base of pharmaceutical knowledge to insure compatibility to multi-additives of parenteral solutions. Follows recommended guidelines regarding the handling and preparation of cytotoxic and other hazardous products. 8. Provides specialized services to each of the following clinical specialty areas: a. Neonatal nursery - prepares products with special regard for the pediatric patient employing pharmacokinetic principles when appropriate. b. Oncology - prepares products with special regard for the oncology patient and provides monitoring and documentation of their administration. c. Cardiology - prepares products with special regard for the cardiac patient including rate and dosage calculations for urgent cardiovascular crisis medications. d. Intensive Care - prepares products with special regard for the critically ill patient requiring a variety of dosage forms and routes of administration. e. Surgery - provides a broad spectrum of pharmaceutical products and services including such things as analgesics, anesthetics, antibiotics and special dilutions for the patient during surgical procedure and post-anesthesia care. 9. Provide drug information to allied health professionals when requested including special literature searches. 10. Provide drug information and discharge counseling to patients when appropriate (i.e. all take home prescriptions filled by the pharmacy and patient counseling at the request of nursing or a physician). 11. Issue controlled substances to nursing units/departments and maintain records as required. 12. Identify, store and control medications brought to hospital by patient. 13. Confers with physicians when necessary to clarify/verify orders. 14. Provide pharmacokinetic consults to physicians and other health care personnel. 15. Evaluate patient medication regimens for appropriate use, therapeutic alternatives and formulary compliance. 16. Provides Pharmacy input for assessment of patient's nutritional needs. 17. Assumes duties of Team Leader as assigned. 18. Conduct monthly inspections of medication storage areas through the hospital as assigned. 19. Prepares and presents in-service programs within the hospital and provides expertise to community outreach programs. 20. Participates in department's Quality Assurance program when assigned. 21. Performs other duties as assigned. MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS: Education: Graduate of accredited College of Pharmacy, which includes approved internship and/or residency. Licensed to practice as a pharmacist or graduate intern in the State of Arkansas. PharmD degree preferred. Experience: Hospital experience and Clinical Residency preferred Physical Requirements: This job requires, at various times, the following physical activities; climbing, stooping, crouching, reaching, standing, carrying, walking, pushing, pulling, lifting, finger dexterity, talking, and hearing, sometimes exerting in excess of lifting 50 pounds and pushing 100-150 lbs. The sensory and communicative activities required for the position include feeling, hearing, seeing, smelling and speaking. The worker is required to have close visual acuity to perform daily activities. The worker is subject to inside environmental conditions, hazards (including electrical currents and exposure to chemicals), and infectious diseases. 2018-R0192399
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